Project partners

Soc. Coop. A.Fo.Ri.S.Ma. (Italy) – Project Coordinator

Paying special attention to local and global labor dynamics, Aforisma can help you identify the right career path for you through educational and job placement tools.

Fundación Docete Omnes (Spain)

The Docete Omnes Foundation was created to respond to the training and assistance needs of the less favored strands of society and strive for social innovation.

Flipnet (Italy)

Organizes events and training on active, creative, inclusive, cooperative and flipped teaching
for teachers of all levels with the aim of combating scholastic disadvantage and dropout.

Bexley C-Level IT (Romania)

Provide digital teaching solutions for educational organisations, delivering education to youth and adults.

QZR (Italy)

QZR is just the beginning: IT development, visual communication, education, immersion, game design.